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If you process fish, you need an electric fish scaler. If you fillet them, you need a pin bone remover. We carry electric fish scaling machines and EXOS electric pin bone removers which we believe are the best available in the world.  

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  Bear Paw
Slick Skin

Fish Scalers - Hand, Drum, Fully Automatic Pin-Bone Removers
Commercial use: We highly recommend the KT-S and Northrock hand fish scalers.  We also carry the Haskins-Strand and Food Machinery of America scalers.

The Automatic Fish Scaling Station moves fish along a series of gears and blades which remove the scales. The fish exit to a receptacle or a conveyor. These are for large scale commercial fish operations. They are very fast, scaling up to 125 fish per minute.

Sport: The Bear Paw scalers have been sold for decades. Inexpensive and very reliable for non-commercial use. We also carry the Slickskin Drum Scaler.

  Hand-held electric pin bone removers make fast work of removing the small bones from a fillet.  We carry the EXOS line of pin bone removers which come in 1 or 2 head models, right or left hand, and with or without a push button water cleansing feature that rinses away the bones.

These pin bone removers are much better than machines that rely upon compressed air.  They are much lower maintenance, lighter, much easier to use, and have a warm handle. If you have tried one before and not liked it, you are in for a treat. 

The EXOS pin bone remover was introduced 20 years ago.  Since then there have been continual improvements. Please check out the video and give us a call.

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