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KT-S Electric Fish Scaler

  EXOS Pin Bone Removers
  SlickSkin Drum Fish Scaler

KT-S Fish Scaler

EXOS 221Pin Bone Remover
SlickSkin Drum Fish Scaler

The KT-S hand fish scaler is the preferred choice of fish processors all over the world. It is relatively light and flexible compared to other fish scalers with great benefits to the operator. THE PRICE IS NOW THE LOWEST IT HAS EVER BEEN DUE TO THE LOWER EURO.  

  The 2 head EXOS 221 is the best hand-held pin bone remover available. It has 2 heads for more complete bone removal on one pass and has a speed control. It is shown with the optional water line for faster cleaning while in operation.   
  The Slick Skin Drum Fish Scaler allows you to automatically clean up to 50 smaller fish at the same time. Open the lid, put in your fish and a little water. Your fish are descaled in as little as 5 minutes.   

$1,129.00 LOWEST EVER!

From $5,400.00.$369.00

NorthRock Electric Fish Scaler

  EXOS 130 Pin Bone Remover
  Bear Paw Heavy Duty Fish Scaler
Bear Paw Heavy Duty Fish Scaler

Northrock, Haskins-Strand, FMA

EXOS 130 Pin Bone Remover
Bear Paw HD Fish Scaler

Northrock hand fish scalers are the latest in a line of strong fish scalers that started with the Haskins-Strand and Food Machinery of America fish scalers. There are many versions.

The EXOS 130 Electric Pin Bone Remover has a single head and is available with or without water cleaning and for left or right hand. It does not have speed control. It is recommended for less demanding jobs or fewer hours of operation.


The Bear Paw heavy duty fish scaler has been a favorite of sport fishermen for decades. It scales a fish very quickly. The HD has a 2 amp motor vs 1.5 for the standard

From $969.00

From $3,700.00$169.00

Automatic Fish Scaling Station

  EXOS Mini Pin Bone Remover
  Bear Paw Standard
Bear Paw Standard

Automatic Fish Scaling Station

EXOS Mini Pin Bone Remover
Bear Paw Std Fish Scaler

Completely automatic. Put a fish in the left side, it is scaled on both sides and exits on the right. Up to 125 per minute. 6 models available for different sizes and shapes of fish.


The EXOS Mini is made for fish markets and fish processing needs that do not exceed 2 hours a day. The same technology as the other EXOS in a lighter, simplified form.


The Bear Paw standard duty fish scaler is the same as the HD fish scaler but with a 1.5 amp motor vs a 2 amp. If your needs are for occasional use, the standard will work fine.

From $26,000.00


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