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Automatic Fish Scaling Station - Commercial Electric Fish Scalers -
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    Automatic Fish Scaling Station - Industrial/Commercial Grade

    The Automatic Fish Scaling Station is a high speed fish scaler for commercial operations.

    It has been produced for decades and is installed in many locations all over the world. It requires little maintenance other than periodic sharpening of the blades.

    It can process up to 125 fish per minute. Larger fish take longer. Various models can handle fish from 4 oz. (113 g) to 16 lbs. (10 Kg.) and up to 12" wide.


    Basic Automatic Fish Scaler Operation

    The operator feeds the fish into the machine head first.

    They are scaled by the machine and exit on the other side to a receptacle or conveyor (not included).

    Water keeps the fish wet and washes the scales into the scale catcher.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The entire operation may cause damage to the head and fins, so it is recommended that fish are sold as headless fillets. NOT recommended if you sell fish whole.

    More Information

    The Automatic Fish Scaling Station can also be installed on fishing boats.

    Eight models of the Trifisk Automatic Fish Scaling Station are available, each one tailored to a size, shape and type of fish.


    Model Selection Chart


    Fish that can be processed by machine



    4-CCroaker, Dabs, Herring, Mullet, Ocean Perch, Pinchagua, Porgy, Small White Fish, Spot, Tilapia, Trout, Whiting4 oz - 4 lbs
    113g - 1.8kg
    4-CXBlue Fish, Bream Cod, Croaker, Flounder, Haddock, Hake, Herring, Mullet, Ocean Perch, Pollock, Porgy, Red Snapper, Salmon, Spot, Tilapia, Trout, White Fish, Whiting8 oz - 9 lbs
    170g - 4kg
    4-CXXCod, Croaker, Flounder, Haddock, Hake, Pollock, Red Snapper, Salmon, Spot, Trout, White Fish, Whiting1 lb - 18 lbs
    1kg - 9kg
    6-CSPerch, Pike-Perch3 oz - 2 lbs
    90g - 1kg
    6-C Perch, Pike-Perch5 oz - 4 lbs
    150g - 1.8kg
    6-CXCarp, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Pike-Perch, Salmon8 oz - 9 lbs
    226g - 4kg
    6-HXX (one side)Salmon, Red Snapper1 lb - 20 lbs
    500g - 10kg
    10-CXyPickerel (hard to scale)8 oz. - 9 lbs
    226 g - 4kg


    Method of Operation - Automatic Fish Scaling Station

    The machine is ready to operate upon delivery after being connected to proper electrical and water sources and a drain. The operator hand feeds each fish head-first into the entry chute. As the fish go through the machine from left to right, the fish are passed through a series of rollers and scaling heads.

    Ordering and Delivery

    The price is shown for each model. They are made to order and shipped to your location. You are responsible for uncrating and installation (electric, water, drain). Crating and other freight and delivery charges will apply.

    Please call or email for a specific quote and discussion of your needs. The machine is built after a 50% deposit is received. The balance is due when the machine is ready to ship. Delivery time can vary from one to three months.

    We ship internationally!

    Questions? Call us!

    Call us to with any questions about buying the Automatic Fish Scaling Station or to discuss your needs and the processing at your facility.

    We will help choose the best electric fish scaling and pin-bone removing products for you. Ask for Ron.

    • Finish: Commercial grade stainless steel cabinet and feeding table
    • Water Supply: Automatically shuts valve when powered off
    • Output: Up to 125 fish per minute (small sizes)
    • Power Requirements: For different models: 208/220/380/440/550
    • Water Requirements: 241 kPa (35 lbs pressure)
    • Warranty: One Year limited warranty
    • CE: Machine is CE compliant


    Before plugging your machine into a wall or ceiling outlet and especially after a relocation (NOTE THAT ELECTRICAL OUTLETS MAY HAVE DIFFERENT VOLTAGES), ensure that the voltage on the nameplate is the same as the line voltage. Contact a Certified Electrican if the line voltage is not the same.

    You must remove the back cover to perform maintenance. Before you do that:


    2. Before removing the Back Cover, read and follow the instructions on the Warning Label on the cover.


    • Lubrication should be made with light weight motor oil. All slow speed shafts require that the small oil cups of each Tri-bearing be topped off every six months under normal operating conditions.
    • The Roller Chain, which drives all of the slow-speed shafts, can be lubricated with the same light weight motor oil, or sprayed with Chain Lube, every six months. Rotate the chains and sprockets by pulling down on one of the V-belts of the Infeed Bed Motor or the first Motor. Be careful not to get any of the oil or Chain Lube on the V Belts, because this will result in slippage.

    Rotating the chains by pulling on one of the V Belts.

    • All V-Belts are prone to wear, misalignment and stretching. After the first month of operation, check all V-Belts and tighten as required.
    • Both the De-scaling Heads and the Drive Rollers will require re-sharpening after a few years, depending on the hours of operation. All the De-scaling Heads should be returned to the Factory for re-sharpening. Please notify us before sending them.
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    We sell high-quality commercial fish scalers and commercial pin-bone removers for companies and markets that process fish. Our products are reliable and very durable.


    In the United States we are a national distributor for KT-S fish hand scalers, EXOS and Ryco automatic pin-bone removers and Trifisk automatic fish scalers.


    In addition to sales in the USA, we have shipped electric fish scalers and pin-bone removers to many countries world-wide, including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UK, among others. Call or email for a quick quote.