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After scaling tons of fish by hand for many years, I'll never go without one of these again.

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    The EXOS 130 Electric Pin-Bone Remover series is an efficient one wheel electric pin-bone remover for small fish including Trout. ____


    EXOS 130

    The EXOS 130 is best used with small fish including Trout fillets as small as 4 oz.  The EXOS was originally developed for salmon, making it unsuitable for the bones in smaller fish.  To resolve this, we made an optional thicker nylon guide to close the gap between the wheel and the guide.  See the photo above.  We did this with the help of several trout processors.  The machine is working very well on small trout.

    Removes ALL Bones

    It removes ALL bones, including the neck bone, with very little waste.  The pin bones must be visible and sticking out in order for the machine to remove them.  Your fish should be in post rigor for the machine to be able to grab the bones.

    Left Hand or Right Hand

    Choose either the left or right hand version.  Right:  Put fish in front of you, head on left.  Go from head to tail using the right hand.  Left is the opposite.)


    Water Rinsing Option

    Video of the water rinsing option

    This machine comes standard with water rinsing.  This is a highly desirable feature.  It allows you to push a button to clean out the accumulated pin-bones instead of running it under a tap.

    The feature allows you to not have to have your pin boning station next to a faucet. You can rinse the bones off with a faucet or this feature, but cannot submerge the unit in water. You cannot dip it into a pail. It will rust and void the warranty.

    Unlike most other machines, all EXOS pin-bone removers use electric motors. Other pin-bone removers use compressed air, which requires more maintenance, causes more down time, and results in cold handles for the operator. The EXOS are much lighter and have warm, plastic handles. Many women prefer the the smaller handle on the EXOS 130.



    The EXOS 130 comes in a hard sided plastic carrying case. Here is a picture of the wall mount control box and handpiece.  


    Remove the top lid/cover of the 1203 Control Box by removing the screws in each of the four corners.  You will see two mounting holes, as shown in the picture below.  You may need to drill through the holes to the back.  These holes can be used to fasten the machine to a wall or table.  Be careful to not over-tighten the screws, as this may cause the control box casing to crack.

    If you prefer to mount the unit using the corner holes, you may do so. Below is an image of the location of the holes, after you have removed the top cover.


    Installation of Water Line

    When you purchase an EXOS with water, we include the 6mm plastic water line. It is attached to the EXOS by pushing it into the fitting and then pulling the collar on the fitting up. To release it, you push the collar down and pull the tube out.

    The fitting (water line connector) is screwed into the EXOS head. It may come loose. It is important to keep it screwed in tightly. Like any part that screws in, it must be installed and tightened with care. Do not strip the threads in the EXOS head fitting hole or on the connector piece that screws into the hole.

    You will need to install a water line to an area close to the control box. We recommend that you use a 1/4" line with a 6mm push fitting to attach the water line. Then, using plastic ties, attach the water line to the electric power wire going to the EXOS. Then it will not be in the way. You can order a fitting from as shown below.



    At the end of the day cleanup is quick and easy.

    Remove 2 parts by hand

    Wash them, and put them back on.

    No tools required.

    Download Instructions


    There are many different kinds of electrical plugs in the world, so one is not included. You will have to buy and install a plug appropriate to your location. The wires follow the EU convention for colors:

    LIVE/HOT: Brown

    NEUTRAL: Blue

    GROUND: Yellow

    Click here for instructions you can download.


    The EXOS-130 Electric Pin-Bone Remover has been tested on these species. It works best on smaller fish like small perch or trout.

    If you have larger species, please refer to the listing here. You will likely need the 221 model.

    The 221 works best on larger fish like these species:

    • Char
    • Chinook
    • Coho
    • Great Silver Smelt
    • Herring
    • Haddock
    • Hake
    • Perch (large)
    • Pike Perch
    • Saithe
    • Salmon
    • Sea Trout
    • Sockeye Salmon

    The 221 does NOT work on these species:

    • Carp (or related)
    • Mackerel
    • Sea Bass
    • Sea Bream
    • Tilapia
    • Small Trout
    • Whitefish (too soft)


    We do not typically accept returns, however if you have a situation where a return may be warranted because the machine does not work on your fish, please feel free to give us a call. If you have had the EXOS for less than two weeks, we may be able to authorize a return on a case by case basis.

    Links to more info:

    Click World Fishing and AquaCulture magazine for an article about the previous 220 series.


    Call us to with any questions about buying the EXOS-130 Electric Pin Bone Remover or to discuss your needs and the processing at your facility.

    • Handle weight: 1.1 lbs, 500 g.
    • Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 25W
    • Motor: 24 v DC
    • Speed (Fixed): 150 rpm
    • Control Box Size: 7.5" x 5.1" x 2", 190 x 130 x 52 mm
    • Electric wire (control box to hand-piece): 78", 2 m
    • Electric wire (plug to control box): 59", 1.5 m open end


    We sell high-quality commercial fish scalers and commercial pin-bone removers for companies and markets that process fish. Our products are reliable and very durable.


    In the United States we are a national distributor for KT-S fish hand scalers, EXOS and Ryco automatic pin-bone removers and Trifisk automatic fish scalers.


    In addition to sales in the USA, we have shipped electric fish scalers and pin-bone removers to many countries world-wide, including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UK, among others. Call or email for a quick quote.