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After scaling tons of fish by hand for many years, I'll never go without one of these again.

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    Item #: KT-S43-L
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    Long Standard Spindle with Cover for KT-S

    We had a number of requests from users who were scaling flat sided fish to make the spindle longer. So we created the Long Standard spindle for the KT-S electric fish scaler. This spindle is twice as long as the Standard spindle, so it scales more area on a flat sided fish. The Standard covers 2.25", and the Long Standard 4.5".

    If you are seeking just the long spindle or the just the long splash guard, please call us to order the single part, not as a package.

    It is made of stainless steel and screws onto the rotating post in the KT-S hand piece. Very easy to install or remove. It is literally 2 of the Standard Spindle fused together.

    It comes with a long cover which is attached to the handpiece with 4 small bolts.

    Included in the package:

    • 1 Long Standard Spindle
    • 1 Long Cover
    • 1 Bolt to attach spindle
    • 4 Screws to attach long cover

    Here is a diagram showing how the spindle and cover attach to the hand-piece (not included) and a comparison to the standard length spindle.

    If you scale fish that are more flat than rounded, this tool will increase your efficiency.


    We sell high-quality commercial fish scalers and commercial pin-bone removers for companies and markets that process fish. Our products are reliable and very durable.


    In the United States we are a national distributor for KT-S fish hand scalers, EXOS and Ryco automatic pin-bone removers and Trifisk automatic fish scalers.


    In addition to sales in the USA, we have shipped electric fish scalers and pin-bone removers to many countries world-wide, including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UK, among others. Call or email for a quick quote.