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After scaling tons of fish by hand for many years, I'll never go without one of these again.

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Finding you guys may have been the discovery of my month!
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Diamond Head for KT-S fish scaler, side view
Price: $252.00

    Item #: KT-S-Diamond
    Availability: In Stock

    The Diamond cutter spindle was developed by Auto Fish Scalers at the request of fish processors who wanted a more aggressive scaling head than the regular KT-S spindles. Unlike those heads, this one is made of machined bronze with sharp edges. You attach it with a screw on the rotating shaft.  Very quick and easy.

    We sent out prototypes to a number of processors. Everyone liked it better than the other spindles, some for all fish they processed, others for some species.

    We highly recommend that you purchase the Diamond spindle and give it a try. We believe that you will prefer it for at least some species, just like our testers.

    We are offering a 30 day trial period on this basis: Purchase the spindle. Use it to see what you think. If you do not like it for any reason, call us within 30 days for a return authorization. We will provide the return address and a Return Authorization number. 

    It must be returned without damage to qualify. You must call within 30 days for the RA and we must receive it back within 40 days of the date you received it. We will refund the price of the spindle. Your only cost will be for the freight to you and back. 


    We sell high-quality commercial fish scalers and commercial pin-bone removers for companies and markets that process fish. Our products are reliable and very durable.


    In the United States we are a national distributor for KT-S fish hand scalers, EXOS and Ryco automatic pin-bone removers and Trifisk automatic fish scalers.


    In addition to sales in the USA, we have shipped electric fish scalers and pin-bone removers to many countries world-wide, including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UK, among others. Call or email for a quick quote.